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Product Positioning: Skytel will market its services to wireless users in Saint Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean. The Company will target that percentage of wireless users that is expected to migrate from to enhanced services which will be provided by Skytel. This percentage is currently in the single digits in the Caribbean, but we expect this to follow the same trend as the rest of the world and grow to 70% of all wireless users within three years. The target market for SkyTel products and services are individuals as well as commercial customers looking for best value and innovation. Our offerings also cater to roaming customers from the US and European territories. Our projected customer base ranges from young adults all the way to the elderly (ages 50-70). Future projects in home entertainment would increase our customer base to families. Market size by Caribbean country is addressed in the “Caribbean Wireless Market” section.
Introduction of 5G to Carribea: SkyTel Communication wants to be the first company to bring the 5G network to Carribean and Guyana. Though,the 5G infrastructure company like Ericson, has projected the entry of 5G in Latin American countries.

Why 5G? / Reasons for selecting 5G as mode of entry:
● Oil Extradition in Guyana - As per the request made by Exxon Mobil to the government of Guyana the data needed is more than the total consumption of the whole country. Further increase of business requires more data consumption. SkyTel using the 5G network will be able to bring more data to the end consumer.
● Current Infrastructure of competitor - Digicel and Flow runs mostly on 3G and upgraded 4G network which cannot be directly upgraded to 5G. This brings the entry benefit to SkyTel to come- up with a network which has longer life than that of one phasing out throughout the world.
● Tourism industry in Caribbean - On an average about 5 Million people from different parts of the globe travel to Caribbean Islands. With most of the Developed countries moving toward 5G network, SkyTel will be the only strategic partner for the foreign telecom companies to share the network. Technology is Transforming at a superfluous speed 5G is going to be new necessities for:
● Internet of Things
● Connected Services i.e. connected homes, hospital, educational institution
● Virtual Realty
● 5G network to reach 30% share of the mobile subscriber by 2025.
● 3G network to gradually phase out.

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Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) services – Standard collection of applications and features available to mobile phone subscribers all over the world. The GSM standards are defined by the 3GPP collaboration and implemented in hardware and software by equipment manufacturers and mobile phone operators. The common standard makes it possible to use the same phones with different companies' services, or even roam into different countries. GSMis the world's mostdominant mobile phone standard.Hence the ability to transmit voice and data service across carriers.

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This allows someone to easily access the World Wide Web and download online content or access online services. People can use their phones to search on Google, send emails, or access a website. Billing for accessing the Internet from a mobile phone will be based on the amount of data downloaded (regardless of the time spent online).

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Mobile instant messaging (MIM) services are the same as online instant messaging such as ICQ, Skype, and Windows Live Messenger except that it is used on a cellphone. It will allow users to communicate with one or more selected friends or contacts using text messages. Users will need to have downloaded or accessed an MIM service to their cell phone. To use the service users have to be logged on to the MIM service. This provides a common platform from which instant messages can be sent and read in real-time. These messages are sent via the mobile Internet and are billed as part of the mobile Internet data charges. Since text messages use very little data, these messages are much cheaper than SMS messages – a reason for MIM’s wide appeal among teens.

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Many MIM services will include anonymous chat rooms. These chat rooms involve the exchange of information with a group of other users, usually in the form of text messages. Some chat rooms allow users to display an identifying photo or allowusers to send pictures to each other. However, most chat rooms are anonymous where the real identity of a participant is not known to others. Some chat rooms are moderated but most are not.

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Most mobile content services – such as ringtones, logos, video clips, games and adult content – are sold using premium rate SMS. This involves sending a keyword via SMS to a shortcode, for example, sending BABY to 35050 at a once-off cost of $1.00 to get the baby ringtone on your cell phone. Ringtones are the most popular mobile content service among those under 25 years of age. However, premium rate SMS services also allow a service provider to charge a subscription for mobile services – such as content, belonging to a club or joining a dating service. A subscription service involves an ongoing daily, weekly or monthly charge after a user has sent a keyword to a shortcode.